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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the perfect pen.

So, I was hanging out in my bedroom last night (read: trying to sleep) when suddenly, blog ideas decided that they wanted to creep into my head because they're mean and cruel and want me to go crazy from insomnia and do a Fight Club on everyone. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT ENDED. (Actually, I only know how the movie version ends. I haven't read the book--but I'm going to! ...when I get through my TBR pile.)

Naturally, I grab my "great ideas" pad and the closest pen (which was courtesy of UNSW. This will explain a lot.) and start scrawling down every one of the insane thoughts throttling my mind. And the pen refuses to work. Well, it works. It just refuses to work on this particular sheet of paper. (UNSW knows that I'm not one of them. And yes, my pen is just *that* clever.)

As a writer, how important is the perfect pen for you? Even in our modern age with our newfangled technology (okay, so I'm twenty and probably should try and act my age. Psht, being young is overrated.), I still use pen and paper for planning and brainstorming and writing notes to myself, which then get annotated, and within a month, I have a note with notes with notes (in a million different colours) and they really don't make much sense.

But, to the crux of my point (whoa, I have a point?), I have my pens. And they're either ink pens (I'm praying I don't spill tea on my notes. Then Jessica would be tres triste.) or brightly coloured "normal" pens that make my lit fic musings a lot happier than they probably should be.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PENS OF AWESOMENESS. And if you don't have pens, you can tell me about your word processor/quill/the contraption that you have that links up to your mind and writes your subconscious thoughts so that you can sleep and write all at the same time (OMG WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE?)


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