Jessica Denoire.

Ramblings. Lots and lots of ramblings and the occasional attempts at insight into things.

the writer.

Jessica Denoire. It's not my real name. It's a super fancy pseudonym! But it also means that we can't be facebook friends right now. Sadface. BUT WE CAN BE TWITTER-BIRDS TOGETHER. You can find me over there at @jessicadenoire and we can @reply one another all day long.

Have I mentioned that I have a super-lame sense of humour? No? I DO. I like to consider it epic. But I have a warped sense of epic-ity.

Other relevant things about me? I'm twenty, and I write things. Things that are normally lit-ficcy. BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT PLOT ACTUALLY IS. My characters just do things and they're always sad. I don't know why. OH OH OH. I also go to university full-time, and I tutor things so I can buy shoes and second-hand books. One day, I'mma going to be a doctor. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. A psychiatrist, more specifically.

I survive on chocolate and caffeine and kareoke, and my inbox is permanently open to declarations of love. You can email me at jessica(dot)denoire(at)gmail(dot)com and, uh... I have plans to marry F. Scott Fitzgerald, and while I will try to be writer-ly on this blog, I can't promise that I won't engage in nonsensical rambling.

In conclusion, let's be friends.