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Thursday, December 9, 2010

characters and you.

I have an admission to make: I ship my characters. I fall in love with them and start making adoring "awwww" noises in the background while I write lovey-dovey scenes. I'm not proud of it, and I'm fairly sure it's diagnostic of my current love-life (OH HAI, NON-EXISTENT BOYFRIEND.). But I was reading through my story notebook (it's one of those super-awesome five-subject notebooks. I know you were totally wondering what I write in.) and I came across this: (SPOILER ALERT)
[of my narrator for novel 2] She's totally in love with Nick. Purely because I ship them hard. And it has nothing to do with me and X.
Now, you see, X is this guy at my uni. And I've been madly, head-over-heels, borderline-obsessive over him since the day we met. That may or may not have been almost TWO years ago. So of course, the love interest for my narrator has THIS note on his character page.

how does he feel about the narrator?

- I just went to write [character name from novel 1]. Too many amazing ships, so little time....
- I think he does have some degree of feeling for the narration, but he sees her as a little sister/best friend amalgamation. Amalgamation? Really?
And of course, this is how X feels about me. I'm starting to worry that I'm using my feelings to fuel this novel, and if I wasn't so in love with the concept, I'd probably run away screaming from it. Unfortunately, I still have hope for this ship, just like I have hope for me and X. He just has this smile and all he has to do is smile at me and I'm a puddle. ...But you guys really don't want to hear about my teenage-esque crush.

Do you think that a fiction and real life amalgamation is healthy? After all, as the expression goes, art imitates life. (I honestly always thought it was the other way around.) Do you find yourself putting the MC in your novels in your shoes? And if so, do you consider the MC lucky because you have an epic shoe collection? And if you have an epic shoe collection, and you're a size 37-38, would you like to be my best friend and bestow upon me shoe-borrowing privileges? (I BAKE AWESOME SCONES. And these awesome scones I would be much willing to share with you in exchange for shoes.)

And y'know, tell me about your significant others so I can live vicariously through you and steal your lovelives for plots. Uh, I mean, whut? I didn't say that. Of course not. You're hearing things. If you don't have anyone around, it's okay. We can enjoy single life together! It involves ice-cream and chocolate. FREDDO FROGS FOR EVERYONE!


Jessica Lei said...

Sadly I don't have a) a boyfriend or b) a crush. So sorry... Sorry for me, too. SIGH. But I know I don't really put much of that kinda stuff into my writing. Sure, I want a nice hunk to like me and flirt with me--but I really don't care either. It'd just be nice! I don't often wish a love triangle on myself, either... so...

BUT, hey, here's some good news: writing feels soooooo much more authentic when you can describe an emotion you've actually FELT before. I think fiction & life should have a bit of integration. That "write what you know" thing. But I mean, you can't only write what you know. That's what research is for. There's just some research you can't do!

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